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ALBECK – White/Tan 10000mAh PD Powerbank Crafted from Recycled Leather

Introducing Albeck, an executive 10,000mAh powerbank made from RCS-certified recycled genuine leather, accompanied by post-consumer recycled ABS. Equipped with 18W Power Delivery (PD) fast charging and 10W wireless charging capabilities, Albeck stands out as a high-performance device. The 18W PD ensures rapid charging, delivering a full charge in just 1 hour, and comes complete with a fast-charging cable (required for PD charging). With a lifespan extending over 500 charging cycles, Albeck is both durable and efficient. This eco-friendly powerbank is elegantly packaged in a recycled kraft paper gift box.

ANZIO – White/Tan 15W Wireless Charger Crafted from Recycled Leather

Meet Anzio, an executive 15W wireless charger meticulously crafted from RCS-certified recycled genuine leather, complemented by post-consumer recycled ABS. This wireless charging device is universally compatible with all wireless devices, including the latest Android generations and iPhone 8 and above. Boasting four anti-slip pads for added stability, Anzio comes elegantly packaged in a recycled kraft paper gift box.

OSLO – @memorii Recycled 15W Wireless Charger with Multi-Cable Set – Black

Description: Introducing Oslo, the newest addition to our sought-after multi-cable sets, now equipped with a 15W wireless charging capability. Crafted from RCS-certified recycled ABS plastic, Oslo includes indispensable connectors such as Type C, Lightning, micro USB, and USB-A. Additionally, it features an ejector pin and three SIM card slots. The premium magnetic closure ensures secure storage, and it comes packaged in an environmentally friendly recycled kraft box.

Portable Laptop Stand

Introducing the Mobile Laptop Elevator – a convenient, hands-free solution designed to elevate laptops up to 18 inches. This nifty stand allows you to customize your viewing angle, ensuring you have a clear screen while multitasking. Its sturdy backplate and retractable safety brackets provide a secure grip for your device during use. Plus, when you’re done, simply fold this lightweight stand flat for effortless portability.

Premium Leather Mouse Pad with Secure Non-Slip Backing

Enhance your desk setup with our Leather Mouse Pad featuring a Non-Slip Backing. Crafted from premium leather, this stylish pad offers a smooth surface for precise mouse control. The non-slip backing ensures stability during use, making it perfect for work or gaming. Elevate your workspace with this combination of elegance and functionality.

Rotating Flash Drive – 16GB

Introducing the Twirl Flash Drive 16GB – a compact and protective storage solution that adds a twist to your digital needs. The flash drive conveniently folds into an aluminum cover, guarding it against dust, crumbs, and other elements that could impact its lifespan. This versatile device is compatible with Mac OSX or above and Windows XP or higher, making it perfect for both school and work environments.

Santhome Card – Sleek NFC Digital Business Card in Black

Revolutionize the way you share your business details with the Santhome Card – a cutting-edge NFC card designed to replace traditional paper business cards. Powered by Santhome, this card allows you to instantly share crucial business contact details, social links, photos, company information, and your meetings calendar with a simple tap or QR code scan. Cost-effective, eco-friendly, and app-free, the Santhome Card is ready for use without any downloads. The fully customizable front side offers limitless possibilities, making it an excellent tool for lead generation and seamless digital asset integration. With a credit card size that fits any wallet, it’s compatible with both iPhone and Android devices without requiring app installation. GDPR compliant for added security.

TaskPad Mini Wireless Charging Mousepad

Elevate your office setup with TaskPad Mini, a versatile mouse pad featuring a built-in wireless charger. Crafted from stain-proof PU leather and sleek aluminum alloy, this mouse pad maintains a clean and professional appearance. Its slim, foldable design adds convenience for both travel and remote work scenarios.